About Us

How we started

Two sisters born in Brazil had passionate dreams for dance and fashion.
Juliana and Daniela have both danced since childhood and practiced synchronized swimming during their teenager years winning medals at Latin American competitions! Continuing their love for the arts, the sisters went on practicing and performing pole fitness, lyra and descending skills. In addition to their own individual performances, Juliana and Daniela helped choreograph and costume other performers whom took part in team/group performances. Through good perspective, they were able to customize performance wear to perfectly match a performer's vision bringing to life the artist, the piece, the stage and the reception towards the display. Also, by knowing the effects of visual aid and by understanding the exertion and concentration used by the athlete or artist, the two sisters created different apparel and costumes to maintain the utmost comfort, enhancing better ability.
Beginning on the island of Florianopolis Brazil, Juliana and Daniela grew up at the beach in a very upbeat environment. Each summer during the famous Carnival, these two danced their hearts out to the street festivals and galas held each year. With this countrywide event, new music and fashion were always the trend. Each sister stayed happily immersed in these moments.

Both sisters began their education in Brazil and mastered in Clinical Psychology.

Juliana moved to the United States in 2000, traveled and lived in places from New York to San Diego, and has toured about 10 different countries! Settling down in Jacksonville, FL in 2006, Juliana continued a career in management and her love for fashion by beginning the early stages of Grata Designs offering customized purses, hats, pillows, costume apparel, and alterations. She continued her love for dance and performance by learning pole fitness, lyra, and silks performing solo and with groups such as: VIP Mavens and Elevated Aerial Dance from 2010-2012. She is currently, while being a mother of 2, brushing up on her pole fitness and choreographies along with pursuing her passion creating fun, beautiful, comfortable apparel for this industry.

Daniela remained in Brazil until 2013, focusing on her own practice with Sports Psychology and continuing her education. In 2011, she received her degree in Fashion Design. Following her passions, Daniela immediately put her design degree to use by creating and manufacturing customized athletic wear, doing alterations, creating costumes, and finding time to even create a pet fashion line! In 2013, Daniela moved to the United States and began studying pole fitness. Now, while being a mother of a little one, she is an instructor at Bittersweet Studios. Daniela has performed at venues around the states with highlighted guest Miss Jacksonville and events such as: Pole for Purpose. She is currently practicing her Masters of Psychology by working with local sports organizations as a sports consultant and mental coach. She is also instruction Pole Fitness classes, and passionately using her design ideas and degree to breathe new excitement in Grata Desings.

In 2014, the two sisters decided to put in practice what they love the most; dance and fashion. Combining their experiences in performance arts, they were able to design some of the most incredible designs for pole fitness and aerial apparel. While testing for he best functionality, they continued utilizing fabrics with the best comfort to offer the best of the best for the fitness world. Their unique Brazilian design and color combinations show the best for the women's body and some men's too! All outfits were approved by yoga, pole and aerialists as extremely comfortable and safe. The fabrics also feature a unique coll off system for when the body sweats, the fabric cools off.

Our Concept

The concept and name Grata Designs originates from the Portuguese word "grata" which means "gratitude".

"We have gratitude for all of our opportunities in life. We are thankful for having the pleasure of dancing and creating what we love the most. Most of all, we express our deepest gratitude to be able to deliver and share these passions with those who have the same: dance, music and beauty".

      -All men and women are beautiful, they just need to wear the right outfit!-

Grata Designs